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I am Craig Graham, I first got involved with screen printing around 1998 when I joined the Utopia Basketball Classic in Queens, NY (Shout out to John Coleson). One of my many responsibilities was the designing and ordering of the T - Shirts. I became very good friends with the owners of the screen printing shop who printed our shirts. (Shout out to Kim and Pat Brown). They showed me the entire screen printing process and I loved it. I thought it was so cool. 

I started getting orders from the teams that played in the tournament for shirts because they liked my designs and the quality of the shirts. I believe they trusted me because I always went out of my way to get the customer what they wanted, needed or showed them something that they didn't think of and they loved. So over the years I got jobs to do for screen printing but I was just the middle man. I was just getting the order, coming up with the design, and bringing it to the screen printers.

In 2011, I decided to take an actual screen printing class with RYONET who had the class done thru Montage Screen Printing in Farmingdale, NY (Shout out to Greg Grecco). After the class I bought a little starter set up for my garage and started printing off and on. Winter months were way to cold to print in the garage and I was working a lot at my main job. I had a few main clients I dealt with every season but not enough to leave my job.

In January of 2019, My path crossed with Joan Hoffman of Barry Athletic Outfitters and the rest as they say is history!!!

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